Discover the ultimate gaming experience with our high-quality gaming table in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Designed specifically for computer gamers. Craft your own design or select from our available models. Size & Color customization possible.

Our gaming tables are just a specialized piece of furniture designed in Dhaka Bangladesh for use by computer gamers. Most of Wood Garden BD’s gaming tables include built-in cable management systems to help keep cords and wires organized, as well as RGB light which will make the gaming vibe so elegant in your place. The purpose of our gaming table is to provide a comfortable and ergonomic surface for computer gaming, allowing players to focus on the game and reduce the risk of strain or injury. All our gaming tables are specifically designed for the computer gaming community in Dhaka, Bangladesh and may feature unique designs and features that cater to the local market.

The main objective of a gaming desk is to make your experience feel the breeze.

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If you want to make anything custom, give us a knock on Facebook. We can make any design as per your requirements.

Our desk is made by keeping in mind the worldwide standard of height which is 30Inch. That will give you a standard height and make your process more enjoyable. That’s why our Jarvis desk is the best gaming desk in Dhaka, this is what our customers used to say to us.

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Alex Hanzi gaming/ reading/ makeup table all white

৳ 12,000৳ 12,700

Alex-Hanzi Combo Chair and Table Gaming / Reading/ Make-up desk by Wood Garden BD

৳ 14,500

All Black gaming desk in Dhaka-𝐉𝐀𝐑𝐕𝐈𝐒 Desk

৳ 7,999

Arma Gaming Table Dhaka

৳ 11,500৳ 12,500

Best gaming desk in Dhaka FOXI Table Detachable

৳ 12,700

Best gaming desk in Dhaka-𝐉𝐀𝐑𝐕𝐈𝐒 Desk

৳ 7,999

Black Panther Detachable Desk

৳ 12,700

BOB Gaming Desk

৳ 12,500

Gaming Desks Dhaka KIKO table with free gifts

৳ 11,500

Gloria Table best desk in Bangladesh

৳ 13,500

JarvisV2 Gaming Desk

৳ 8,500৳ 12,900

KIKO Detachable Gaming Table with free gifts

৳ 11,500